Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady

Yesterday I was walking out to the pool with Charlie when I stumbled upon a frail old lady who looked disoriented and confused in the walkway. She asks me if I've seen the cat with the kittens. I've never seen a cat with kittens or any kittens for that matter. I ask her what the cat looks like so if I see it I can let her know. Instead, she goes on about talking about how there was a lady who lived downstairs who was feeding a cat with kittens and the lady left so now she feeds the cat with the kittens but other cats are eating the food she puts out and she is worried. I ask her again what the cat looks like and she gives me no answer. Instead, she looks at me and says, "You know, someone in this building has a dog and it barks and scares the cats away." I ask her if the dog is a little pug; a small brown and black dog with curly tail and smushed face and she says that is the dog. At this point, it sounds like she is trying to get people to be against the dog to get rid of the dog to save the kittens and I tell her, "That's my dog. She's smaller than a cat and is afraid of cats. She's ok with other dogs, though. She also lives ALL THE WAY OVER on the OTHER side of the building AWAY from where the cat with the kittens is at." The lady looks a little caught off guard as if her attempt to have people hate the dog has been foiled as she is now confronted by its owner. I told her then that Lulu only comes out with me to go to the bathroom or on walks and that the rest of the time she is indoors. She is a domesticated dog and really just a lazy, lovable pug. Plus everyone in our building that has seen her thinks she is just adorable. She has the nerve to ask me if I even care about animals. Yeah, I totally do because I have a dog and I grew up with cats and dogs and birds and turtles and fish and snakes and helped several possums. I was so infuriated by this lady yesterday it wasn't even funny.

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