Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Need A Dose Of Motivation

I have totally be slacking on my jogging lately. I don't know if I've been on a slump or something or what. I just haven't had the motivation or drive to get out of bed and do things. And it's not just the jogging. I've gotten bad with the soda thing. I said it's ok for me to have soda this week because my parents are up but really it needs to stop. I think I've kind of been realizing that I have to stop anyway because I'm just not feeling it with my body. Like it's a swift kick in the ass whenever I drink it now. Which could be a good thing. Anyway on to my jogging...

I'm not exactly sure why I have been slacking because there are so many great people-watching opportunities that come about whenever I go out. Today, however, was not one of them. I felt more like I was the spectator to other people's people watching pleasures. And I totally could have been. For starters, I feel like I was running faster than I normally do, which is cool. I felt really good today when I was on my jog.  I felt like I was floating the first loop. The next two loops I felt like I was down to business. I think the fact that I sing along to the music I listen to while I run and sometimes get a little into it with my shoulders and dance makes me to be quite a spectacle to those around me. Luckily, I tend to go out when not too many people are out, or awake, or can see me. That's a plus.

On the way home, three emo girls who looked like they were in 9th grade, trying their hardest to be hardcore and cool, totally busted me singing along to Danzig She Rides. At this point, I'm on my cool down period walking home. That's fine. Instead of doing the "embarrassed to get caught doing something embarrassing" act and stop singing, I look them all square in the eyes as I keep on singing my little heart out as if to tell them, "I am way older than you, I don't give a shit what you think about me singing alone as I walk down the street all sweaty and winded. I have more balls than all of you combined and I'll always be cooler and more hardcore than you. OH SNAP!" Yeah. Sometimes being old and condescending can be fun. I guess it's harmless ways grow ups get their kicks.

Good times.

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