Monday, August 2, 2010

Lefties Have Rights Too: Revolvers For Lefties

Let's face it. It's a right handed person's world. Everything is geared towards the right handed person. When it comes to guns, this still applies for the most part. While there are many semi-auto pistols that now come in ambidextrous models or even left handed models, the left handed revolver shooter can feel left in the dark. It is always hard to watch a left handed person learn to shoot a revolver designed for a right handed person. Fortunately, while most instructors do not have left handed revolvers on hand for classes, that doesn't mean they don't exist. There are options for left handed revolvers, even one specifically for the lefty.

Smith & Wesson recently introduced the Bodyguard, a compact revolver similar to the size of most J-frame revolvers. While it has an ambidextrous cylinder release on the top, it's not truly left handed as the cylinder still releases onto the left side of of the frame like every revolver geared to the right handed person.

Charter Arms, however, has been the front runner in the lefty revolver arms race with a revolver that is designed solely for the left handed shooter. Their Southpaw is your standard carry sized revolver. Not only is the cylinder release on the right side of the frame for a left handed shooter, but the cylinder additionally opens up onto the right side of the frame. For any lefties in the world who are interested in shooting revolvers but dislike having to learn as a righty, this is the best option. While Charter Arm's isn't as big of a name as Smith & Wesson, that doesn't take away it's credibility. It is still a manufacture of quality firearms.

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