Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Funday

Ever notice how coupons are always made for products no one ever buys. Like seriously, who is going to buy two boxes of cake mix to want to save $0.50? That has nothing to do with any of this post. I just wanted to mention it.

I came home today to some new contracts. Freelancing is going well. Rent for the month is paid. Jesse gets paid Friday and it will be a bigger check than usual because his sick time or PTO was left off his last check. We only need part of it to pay for all our bills plus my shotgun class so it's nice to know financial obligations are paid for. Plus he will have a little extra. It's nice to know we can actually start to save some money for our trip to Cali in October for my sister's Sweet Thir-ty (sung in the tune of MTV's My Super Sweet 16)

I made good friends with some little ground critters today. It was pretty awesome. They hopped on my lap and ate Cheeze Its. We also checked out the Galena Creek Fish Hatchery. That's where we want to do our vow renewal at. I got some pics of the place. It's got a great view of the pond. Super pretty. We also walked around looking at the old historic ruins. It was a good time. I caught some fish. We finished it off with In N Out.

Needless to say right now I am a super happy camper.

My Ground Critter friend

By some old irrigation shed

Jesse and Charlie at the fish hatchery on the north east end

Jesse and Charlie at the fish hatchery on the south east end

Me and the boy at the view of the pond from the fish hatchery

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