Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Tonight I really debated going running. It was hot and gross all day and even more unpleasant after spending an evening dying a dress that didn't take to the color in a hot and muggy bathroom and then followed up by folding two weeks worth of laundry (which I never really got around to folding last week's clothes, my bad.) Of course, my pre-weight before run inspired me that if I go out and run tonight, it will motivate me to run again more this week and I may be in the desired shape I want to be in for the mud run and Halloween (no worries about fitting my dress for my sister's 30th birthday, though, that's custom tailored! OH SNAP!)

Anyway, I managed to drag myself down to the river. Mr. iPod was put on shuffle and started out with some Ladytron followed by some Lilly Allen and Michael Jackson and Electric Six and then the Dwarves came on. At that point, something about being out at night in dim lights, running around listening to loud punk in the muggy heat gave me flash backs to 1998 when I was 16 and there were a million great bands in town that summer and well into the fall and so I just put it on the Dwarves from there out and ran.

Long before I got to the pleasant memories, I knew tonight was going to be odd. It started out with an over-abundance of potential white supremists out and about. After watching enough episodes of gangland you can kind of start to pick out the tale-tell signs of them. Plus every time some idiots go tagging up the neighborhood, they have a tendency to paint swastikas over any new taggings and well, we recently got some new taggings down along Brinkby. Anyway, they weren't really doing anything other than walking around the lake, maybe going somewhere or whatever. But it was one of those things where you gotta be aware of things.

So they disappear by round two and my theories of them just passing are correct. I do see one of the regular night time runners. On round two he gives me a thumbs up and that was pretty encouraging. Sometimes on crappy nights like tonight, you want to throw in the towel after round 1 but I managed to go all 3 as planned. Toyed with going 5 but realistically, it's just not the right weather for 5 miles for me since I haven't been running regularly in a few weeks.

Well, lap 1 is the white power guys. Lap 2 is the thumbs up of encouragement. Lap 3 has to be epic.


Not until I'm about 3/4 the way through and then it happens.

Young lover Latino boy gets up in a defensive manner. I turn the music off to eavesdrop on the gossip.


BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!! OH, what a way to end the night!!!! With a break up!!! Every night I see the same douchey youngster types at the lake connected at the hips and lips, grabby with the fingers completely uninterrupted by the people around them simply because they are in the park in the dark and it's "romantic". To see this break up made my day. Young love. So fragile. So disposable. So amusing. On that, I say tonight was probably one of the most amusing runs I've had in a while.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Friday morning, I was supposed to go on a hunting adventure with "Kristy Caliber". Unfortunately, there was a mishap that involved her keys getting locked inside her car. I got a text from her at 6 am notifying me of this. But the real kicker comes from her dad insisting he can get the car open. Four hours later he did! However, by that time it was too late to get our hunt on so we postponed it for the next day. So Saturday rolls around and we're out looking for a good spot for doves. Not a single bird in sight that day. However, there was a moment where there was a helicopter flying towards the air races I'm assuming (they were this weekend). I couldn't help like I was in Red Dawn.

At that point, I had a brief potentially shit-your-pants moment where I thought, "What if something like Red Dawn actually ever did happen?" But that passed quickly. I then took to enjoying the environment. We never did get any doves but it was nice to get out.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Automatic to Stick

I know at the beginning of 2010 I said I had this feeling this year was going to be an incredible year for me and to be honest, it has. I am doing so many things this year, scratch that, accomplishing so many things this year I had dreamed of doing my life but have finally dedicated myself to learning or doing. I finally did my hunter's ed. I finally learned to drive a stick. After about four years of Glock-Block, I finally learned to love the Glock. But right now I'd like to talk about the stick shift.

I'm not sure what the deal is with me but I used to have stick shift fantasies. No, it's not some weird Freudian thing. It's literally dreaming about hopping in a car with a clutch and knowing how and when to shift. And I would have re-occurring dreams where I would know how to drive a stick. Now, I know it sounds stupid, especially since that's how so many people I know learned how to drive a stick, but I'm not that lucky. Sometimes I can pick something up and figure it out in a matter of seconds, other times I can't. Stick is one of them.

I recall one of my first stick lessons. A five minute quickie behind Jesse's work. OK, that came out sounding dirty. Seriously though, we went to the big lot behind his work and he gave me a very basic run down of clutch, break, gas, in a series of ways that confused me. Lesson two, which was considerably longer, wasn't any better. Lots of stalling and jolting. And the fact his truck was just a big clunky machine didn't help any, but I can't complain as it's been reliable for us. I think it eventually made sense when I tried to look at driving stick from a shooting perspective and thought about the gas/clutch system in a sense of follow through with the clutch as I give gas. (My biggest error was always jumping off the clutch as soon as I had a little gas and would result in stalling, grinding, or the car jumping, and sometimes a combination of the three.)

Well, long story short, it has taken me a great while (I think) to start to get the stick and I am finding that I am liking it. A lot. I get it now. I get why people drive sticks. Not because you get better mileage or have cheaper insurance rates, but because they're just fun to drive. I like the fact that I know how to drive a stick now. If some weird event ever happens and I get asked by Top Gear to drive their course I would know how! But that will never happen. But if it ever did, I could do it!

Anyway, I just like the whole idea of converting to stick for driving now. It makes me feel like more of a purist. I shoot iron sights. I drive stick. I make most of my foods. Yeah! Hey! I bet I can drive a tractor now too! OK, I'm getting crazy with it. This is just the point where I smile and go to bed.

Monday, September 13, 2010


I swear this feels like it has been one of those ridiculously hectic weekends. Friday was kind of a blur and I don't even remember what happened but Saturday I did my hunter's ed finally after what seems like what took way too long to finally just sit down and do and looking back I feel like a total idiot for not having done it earlier. Oh well. On the plus side I now have my license and can go out hunting some day.

When I got home from that yesterday, I came home and did some work. I took on a new contract that was due today but it was good quick and easy money. I took a break from it and then ran 5 something miles last night. I came home ridiculously tired and took a shower and crashed and slept the best sleep in my life.

Of course that was all ruined this morning when I woke up at 6:30 and went straight to work. I worked some more on my contract and then around 11 started to get ready and make lunch and at noon Jesse and I left to finish up our shotgun class. That was a lot of fun and honestly I need to go out and shoot trap more often because its fun and I could use some more practice. Shotguns is still pretty new to me but I like it.

When we got home from shotguns, I went back to work, finished my contract and I just feel so unbelievably tired. Jesse got us a pizza for dinner and that was a plus because I don't think I'd like having to come home and cook after my long day. I do want to go jogging but I have a feeling if I go out now, I'll want to run 5 miles and if I do it'll be all late when I get home. I'm not a huge fan of running after 9 so I might just pass. Or wait for Chrissy to get off work. I dunno.

Anyway, yeah, pooped. Tired. Accomplished a lot this weekend.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Adventure To-Do List

1. Visit as many nearby ghost towns possible
2. Get hunter's safety/ed out of the way
3. Hunt a Thanksgiving Turkey
4. Hunt a Christmas Pheasant
5. Go hunting and have a bunch of fun
6. Catch a decent sized catfish (this has been on my list since I was a kid and I have yet to accomplish this one!)
7. Fish some of the out-of-town parts of the Truckee
8. Fish Pyramid and see what all the hype is about
9. Go cross country skiing at Spooner Lake
10. Go prospecting
11. Look for turquoise out in the hills
12. Visit more small towns
13. Go horse riding around more ghost towns
14. Participate in a re-enacting event
15. Go to an Appleseed shoot