Monday, September 13, 2010


I swear this feels like it has been one of those ridiculously hectic weekends. Friday was kind of a blur and I don't even remember what happened but Saturday I did my hunter's ed finally after what seems like what took way too long to finally just sit down and do and looking back I feel like a total idiot for not having done it earlier. Oh well. On the plus side I now have my license and can go out hunting some day.

When I got home from that yesterday, I came home and did some work. I took on a new contract that was due today but it was good quick and easy money. I took a break from it and then ran 5 something miles last night. I came home ridiculously tired and took a shower and crashed and slept the best sleep in my life.

Of course that was all ruined this morning when I woke up at 6:30 and went straight to work. I worked some more on my contract and then around 11 started to get ready and make lunch and at noon Jesse and I left to finish up our shotgun class. That was a lot of fun and honestly I need to go out and shoot trap more often because its fun and I could use some more practice. Shotguns is still pretty new to me but I like it.

When we got home from shotguns, I went back to work, finished my contract and I just feel so unbelievably tired. Jesse got us a pizza for dinner and that was a plus because I don't think I'd like having to come home and cook after my long day. I do want to go jogging but I have a feeling if I go out now, I'll want to run 5 miles and if I do it'll be all late when I get home. I'm not a huge fan of running after 9 so I might just pass. Or wait for Chrissy to get off work. I dunno.

Anyway, yeah, pooped. Tired. Accomplished a lot this weekend.

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