Saturday, December 4, 2010

Picture Day

Remember when you were a kid and they'd have picture day at school? Your parents would dress you up and you'd wait in line to have your picture taken. Then when you were in high school you'd either dress up in your favorite outfit or not even care and want it to be over with? So our work had a "new employee" picture day not too long ago. I was really sick and missed it. I went downstairs for a soda at lunch and as I walked through the break room to go to the hall to the upstairs break room, I noticed it: the employee photo collage. I snickered at not being on there. Ha ha I missed it! So you could only imagine my dismay when I got the email that three employees had to go and get pictures taken. Gah! It was one of those moments of thinking I wish I knew this yesterday so I could plan an outfit. Fortunately I think my hair, make up and outfit were photo-friendly so I wasn't totally distraught. Anyway, it made me have flashbacks of being a kid and photo day and the dread of having someone take your picture, especially when the photographer is another coworker and picture day now seems like getting a picture at the DMV by someone who is going to laugh at you while taking the picture making you feel like an asshole or something. It's all good.

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