Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good People Do Exist

This morning I took Charlie to an Easter Egg hunt at the Caulighn Ranch and sadly, after we found parking and got there, all the eggs had been discovered and there were no more left. Charlie and I walked around with his empty basket and decided to make the best of our time there. We looked at the animals and were going to head home when a little boy in front of us dropped an egg and a lolly pop on the grass and told Charlie, "What's that?" as he pointed to the goodies. Charlie picked them up and put them in his basket, excited that he found something. I told the boy thank you as he was probably no older than 9 or 10 and was not told by his dad to do this. It was just a genuinely nice thing of this kid. So I hope the Easter bunny brings him lots of awesome stuff because that was one nice kid and you just don't see kids like that anymore. I kinda gave his dad the nod of "you did something right raising that kid" and a Happy Easter and we went on our way. After a few photo ops and exploring a firetruck later, we called it a morning, came home and dyed Easter eggs. It was a good day. Can't wait till tomorrow.

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