Monday, May 30, 2011

Christmas In May

Here's some neat stuff I have got in the past two weeks because we're moving and I need to do this stuff now:

New single shot NEF 12 gauge shotgun for turkey
New camo (pants, shirt, jacket)
New Savage Axis XP scoped hunting rifle in .308 (tomorrow, provided the freight comes in)
Refurbished iMac and setting it up with CS5 Master Suite and Office 2011 for Mac (zang!)
New wedding band (10k band with overall .25 ct diamonds - 18 round and 8 baguette cut)

We will be getting rid of our couch and buying a new one in Georgia (as in brand new! brand new!)

Other exciting stuff:
Jesse will at some point take his hunter's ed and we'll go hunting this fall.

Oh, and of course I drew a mule deer tag out here in my first pick area because no one ever gets tags their first draw in their #1 choice area, except for me because I'm moving... duh. Hopefully NDOW will let me turn it in and not charge me and hopefully one of my friends will get it in the second draw.

Headless Chickens

I feel like I have a million headless chickens flapping around in my brain. Feathers, blood and frantic chaos running amok! So a bit of a back story: around the beginning of May, Jesse did a phone interview with a major gun manufacturer who shall be anonymous for a gunsmith repair tech position. Well, on May 16th, they flew him back east to do the in-person interview and two days later, he was given a job offer. He accepted and they gave him a start date of June 20th, assuming this would be enough time for us to get a new place, put in a 2 week notice, and drive across the country. Since then, I have been on stress overload. My weight goes back and forth up and down 10 lbs from stressing out over situating bills, making moving arrangements, and everything else. I wasn't the one who got the job. Everything was honky dory at my job and I love where I work, yet I'm the one who has to sacrifice that because I can "find a job anywhere". Sadly, that is true. But since this job offer, I have been the one doing everything and I mean EVERYTHING. I, having never been to Georgia, found our apartment. I called all of our utility companies and scheduled the shut off dates at the current apartment and turn on dates at the new one. I booked the rental truck, plotted our course, and have done everything in between short of actually getting us there. Today, finally, Jesse has started to help and is assisting with boxing stuff up because I think it's finally hit him that we're leaving in two weeks. Yes, two weeks! I'm still waiting frantically on the relocation check as I've already spent $300 out of pocket for a move I never asked for. Granted, I am finally looking forward to moving to Georgia because it has a lot of recreation to offer me, but I'm not thrilled that I am paying for thing when it should more rest on Jesse as it's his job we're chasing. I'll be without an income once he gets there and I'm not looking forward to that. On the plus side, I did buy myself a new "work from home" set up. I'm finally going to be on a Mac and am waiting for it to get shipped out to me. Got all my software situated and I'm greatly looking forward to this. Anyway, I'll be glad once we're out there and I can just relax. I have been feeling so stressed out this past month because I work full time 40 hours a week and when I get home, I am expected to watch the boy, cook dinner and clean the house, AND organize a move across country? Yeah, I'm just highly looking forward to relaxing for a week or so after we move out there. And hopefully I'll find a job easily and soon. I greatly dislike being out of work.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

All Completely New To Me

People say you can tell someone may be having suicidal thoughts because they start to give away a lot of their possessions. The same can be said for long distance moving.

I've finally convinced myself after all these years that the record collection is going bye-bye.

My coffee table, once one of my favorite pieces of furniture, will also more than likely go away. I think I'm more open to getting rid of things than Jesse is/will be. He has a bunch of clutter and crap still in boxes that he has yet to get rid of for whatever weird reasons. My logic: if it's not part of household decor and you don't use it often, trash it. I see us getting rid of all of our holiday decorations and things of the sorts.

I have been doing research and found that Uhaul is astronomical in it's rates. Like $700 more than Budget. That $700 can fuel us for a good part of our trip!

It's going to take us about 3 days to get to Georgia. That means 3 days of nothing but driving and hopefully not hitting any rush hour traffic. It also means 2 nights and maybe 3 depending on how late we get in, staying in motels. Yeah, Mo, not Ho. We're going cheap. 3 days of nothing but fast food, and sitting. Feeling like a trucker. Jesse driving the rental, me following in the Focus. We'll be like Smoky and the Bandit!

All I can say is I got Georgia on my mind.

Friday, May 20, 2011

"Things are gonna change, I can feel it..."

Perhaps you heard it from me directly, or you heard it from the grapevine, but long story short, the rumors are true: the Teagues are moving to Georgia. On Monday morning, Jesse flew out to Atlanta, then hopped on a shuttle to Columbus where he had an interview Tuesday morning with Heckler & Koch for what is basically his dream gunsmithing job. Some 24 hours later, he got the call with the official job offer and to my knowledge, the moving packet with all the info is due in today.

Granted, at first, before he even did the interview, like the day before the phone interview, I was pretty upset. Like in tears on my lunchbreak upset. I didn't want to pick up and move to the other side of the country away from our family back in California, and our new friends and life we established out here in Reno. But, over the course of time, Jesse had to talk me into some key points of why it was a good thing.

I didn't have to work (but, after having been there, done that, I want to work. I hate being home. I like being business busy, not family busy.)

It has great hunting and fishing opportunities.

That was basically all he could come up with and as much as I liked the hunting/fishing part, it wasn't enough to make me say, "Sure, let's move!" It was just an idea that I had to take in stride. Over time I thought about it more and told Jesse if he wanted to do this, he would get his hunting license and he would hunt and love it and he would go fishing and love it too, even though his past experiences he hated every single one of them.

Long story short, I found my own reasons to like Georgia.

The apartment we're applying to live at has a lake behind it. This lake is stocked with bass, crappie, catfish, and bream.

The same apartment has a washer/dryer hookup inside. No more laundry rooms.

It also has a patio and is an upstairs unit. Need I say more?

As for Georgia, the place we're applying to live at is close to the mall, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, the post office, pretty much everything and anything I'll need to be content in the city.

There also is an indoor shooting range about a quarter mile away from where we hope to live. Monday night is ladie's night from 6 - 9 pm. That means I get to shoot for free.

Additionally there is a Waffle House out there, and though I've never had it, a Chick-fil-a. Jesse says it's the best chicken ever. We'll see when I get there.

I'm having a hard time finding reasons to not go to Georgia at this point other than it's far from friends and family and the job market for me sucks, but we'll deal with that later.

Anyway, that's pretty much the deal. There's not a tentative moving date yet although I have heard there may be rumors of Jesse starting June 20th or sometime around then. So until then we will have a pretty rushed trip out there. Our biggest issue will be getting rid of clutter out here, but that's not that hard. We don't have a lot of furniture so we'll easily get away with a 16 foot truck. Budget is looking promising as they have the best rates so far. So yes, that's the lowdown.

The end.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Band Failure

Back in October, Charlie had this temper tantrum at the mall and was kicking and screaming and hating life and somehow managed to pull off my wedding band and it was lost forever. A few weeks later, I got a replacement at Walmart because it was in my budget (Note: Walmart jewelry sucks. Gold prices constantly go up like crazy – 300% since our rings were bought in 2007 - and it costs less  to buy a ring with diamonds now than a solid gold band!)

Some six or seven months later, the replacement broke.

But it's ok, it is being held together as we speak by some Scotch tape.

And as soon as I get home I'll just JB Weld that thing together again. How or why it split on two sides is beyond me. I just figure JB Weld can fix a hole in my radiator, it can fix a wedding band… I think. At least long enough that we can save up and get a new, better, shiny one. On my way to ring #3… this is ridiculous. My marriage better last because my rings sure the heck don't!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cheap Ass Ring

As you recall a few months back I lost my wedding ring, more than likely while Charlie was having some sort of break down at the mall. A few weeks later when I had the money to buy a new one, I discovered the costs of gold went up so much, I could no longer afford what was closest to the ring I originally had, so to prevent feeling naked on my finger, I just bought a ring at Walmart. Long story short, some six or seven months later, my Walmart ring is breaking. That's right, splitting up the seams. See, this cheap ass ring was made and assembled at some joining spot and the connection is coming apart. Piece of shit. I'm mad. I guess that's what happens when I have a shitty cheap ring. Note the complete anger and disappointment.

On other annoyances, I'm pretty sure we're not going to do a vow renewal next year. There's a lot of circumstances that come into play here, mostly involving money, extensive traveling and the reality of it is I don't think we will ever have a conventional life. The fact this ring is falling apart makes me feel pretty irked like icing on the cake. Whenever people talk weddings or engagements/proposals ours goes like: we had money and we got married. There was no "will you marry me?" It just happened. As for the wedding, there was no white dress or church, flowers or cake. There was a line at the court house we waited in, paid someone, filled out some forms, and we were done. Just like that. I think the fact the stupid royal wedding was this weekend just makes me more bitter at the fact we got married young and broke. We can't change that. We're just getting older now, but we're still broke. Lame.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mother's Day Wish List

Things I'd like for Mother's Day if you ask:

A week of not having to do housework

A week of someone else doing the housework

A week of someone else doing the laundry, dishes, etc.


Shiny stuff

Complete set of Allen gun cases in that sunrise/dawn pink camo like my shotgun case for a scoped rifle, pistol, and small pistol

New clothes and or shoes

A full tank of gas

A surprise trip somewhere fun

A date night

To sleep in on both Saturday AND Sunday

Just some ideas in case you need some.