Saturday, May 21, 2011

All Completely New To Me

People say you can tell someone may be having suicidal thoughts because they start to give away a lot of their possessions. The same can be said for long distance moving.

I've finally convinced myself after all these years that the record collection is going bye-bye.

My coffee table, once one of my favorite pieces of furniture, will also more than likely go away. I think I'm more open to getting rid of things than Jesse is/will be. He has a bunch of clutter and crap still in boxes that he has yet to get rid of for whatever weird reasons. My logic: if it's not part of household decor and you don't use it often, trash it. I see us getting rid of all of our holiday decorations and things of the sorts.

I have been doing research and found that Uhaul is astronomical in it's rates. Like $700 more than Budget. That $700 can fuel us for a good part of our trip!

It's going to take us about 3 days to get to Georgia. That means 3 days of nothing but driving and hopefully not hitting any rush hour traffic. It also means 2 nights and maybe 3 depending on how late we get in, staying in motels. Yeah, Mo, not Ho. We're going cheap. 3 days of nothing but fast food, and sitting. Feeling like a trucker. Jesse driving the rental, me following in the Focus. We'll be like Smoky and the Bandit!

All I can say is I got Georgia on my mind.

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Cyndie said...

Ha ha! And that is exactly what you'll read on the Georgia State welcome signs...."Georgia's on your mind". Been following your blog for a couple of years now and was surprised you guys are moving here. My family and I live 45 minutes north of Atlanta...closer to the mountains. It's really nice here but you'll find it very different from Reno. Hopefully you guys will put down stakes in a decent neighborhood and not have to deal with all those little hoodlums that you'll be leaving behind in NV. If you have any questions about the area or need any info let me know....I'll be glad to help =)