Monday, May 2, 2011

Cheap Ass Ring

As you recall a few months back I lost my wedding ring, more than likely while Charlie was having some sort of break down at the mall. A few weeks later when I had the money to buy a new one, I discovered the costs of gold went up so much, I could no longer afford what was closest to the ring I originally had, so to prevent feeling naked on my finger, I just bought a ring at Walmart. Long story short, some six or seven months later, my Walmart ring is breaking. That's right, splitting up the seams. See, this cheap ass ring was made and assembled at some joining spot and the connection is coming apart. Piece of shit. I'm mad. I guess that's what happens when I have a shitty cheap ring. Note the complete anger and disappointment.

On other annoyances, I'm pretty sure we're not going to do a vow renewal next year. There's a lot of circumstances that come into play here, mostly involving money, extensive traveling and the reality of it is I don't think we will ever have a conventional life. The fact this ring is falling apart makes me feel pretty irked like icing on the cake. Whenever people talk weddings or engagements/proposals ours goes like: we had money and we got married. There was no "will you marry me?" It just happened. As for the wedding, there was no white dress or church, flowers or cake. There was a line at the court house we waited in, paid someone, filled out some forms, and we were done. Just like that. I think the fact the stupid royal wedding was this weekend just makes me more bitter at the fact we got married young and broke. We can't change that. We're just getting older now, but we're still broke. Lame.

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