Monday, May 30, 2011

Christmas In May

Here's some neat stuff I have got in the past two weeks because we're moving and I need to do this stuff now:

New single shot NEF 12 gauge shotgun for turkey
New camo (pants, shirt, jacket)
New Savage Axis XP scoped hunting rifle in .308 (tomorrow, provided the freight comes in)
Refurbished iMac and setting it up with CS5 Master Suite and Office 2011 for Mac (zang!)
New wedding band (10k band with overall .25 ct diamonds - 18 round and 8 baguette cut)

We will be getting rid of our couch and buying a new one in Georgia (as in brand new! brand new!)

Other exciting stuff:
Jesse will at some point take his hunter's ed and we'll go hunting this fall.

Oh, and of course I drew a mule deer tag out here in my first pick area because no one ever gets tags their first draw in their #1 choice area, except for me because I'm moving... duh. Hopefully NDOW will let me turn it in and not charge me and hopefully one of my friends will get it in the second draw.

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