Monday, May 30, 2011

Headless Chickens

I feel like I have a million headless chickens flapping around in my brain. Feathers, blood and frantic chaos running amok! So a bit of a back story: around the beginning of May, Jesse did a phone interview with a major gun manufacturer who shall be anonymous for a gunsmith repair tech position. Well, on May 16th, they flew him back east to do the in-person interview and two days later, he was given a job offer. He accepted and they gave him a start date of June 20th, assuming this would be enough time for us to get a new place, put in a 2 week notice, and drive across the country. Since then, I have been on stress overload. My weight goes back and forth up and down 10 lbs from stressing out over situating bills, making moving arrangements, and everything else. I wasn't the one who got the job. Everything was honky dory at my job and I love where I work, yet I'm the one who has to sacrifice that because I can "find a job anywhere". Sadly, that is true. But since this job offer, I have been the one doing everything and I mean EVERYTHING. I, having never been to Georgia, found our apartment. I called all of our utility companies and scheduled the shut off dates at the current apartment and turn on dates at the new one. I booked the rental truck, plotted our course, and have done everything in between short of actually getting us there. Today, finally, Jesse has started to help and is assisting with boxing stuff up because I think it's finally hit him that we're leaving in two weeks. Yes, two weeks! I'm still waiting frantically on the relocation check as I've already spent $300 out of pocket for a move I never asked for. Granted, I am finally looking forward to moving to Georgia because it has a lot of recreation to offer me, but I'm not thrilled that I am paying for thing when it should more rest on Jesse as it's his job we're chasing. I'll be without an income once he gets there and I'm not looking forward to that. On the plus side, I did buy myself a new "work from home" set up. I'm finally going to be on a Mac and am waiting for it to get shipped out to me. Got all my software situated and I'm greatly looking forward to this. Anyway, I'll be glad once we're out there and I can just relax. I have been feeling so stressed out this past month because I work full time 40 hours a week and when I get home, I am expected to watch the boy, cook dinner and clean the house, AND organize a move across country? Yeah, I'm just highly looking forward to relaxing for a week or so after we move out there. And hopefully I'll find a job easily and soon. I greatly dislike being out of work.

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