Friday, May 20, 2011

"Things are gonna change, I can feel it..."

Perhaps you heard it from me directly, or you heard it from the grapevine, but long story short, the rumors are true: the Teagues are moving to Georgia. On Monday morning, Jesse flew out to Atlanta, then hopped on a shuttle to Columbus where he had an interview Tuesday morning with Heckler & Koch for what is basically his dream gunsmithing job. Some 24 hours later, he got the call with the official job offer and to my knowledge, the moving packet with all the info is due in today.

Granted, at first, before he even did the interview, like the day before the phone interview, I was pretty upset. Like in tears on my lunchbreak upset. I didn't want to pick up and move to the other side of the country away from our family back in California, and our new friends and life we established out here in Reno. But, over the course of time, Jesse had to talk me into some key points of why it was a good thing.

I didn't have to work (but, after having been there, done that, I want to work. I hate being home. I like being business busy, not family busy.)

It has great hunting and fishing opportunities.

That was basically all he could come up with and as much as I liked the hunting/fishing part, it wasn't enough to make me say, "Sure, let's move!" It was just an idea that I had to take in stride. Over time I thought about it more and told Jesse if he wanted to do this, he would get his hunting license and he would hunt and love it and he would go fishing and love it too, even though his past experiences he hated every single one of them.

Long story short, I found my own reasons to like Georgia.

The apartment we're applying to live at has a lake behind it. This lake is stocked with bass, crappie, catfish, and bream.

The same apartment has a washer/dryer hookup inside. No more laundry rooms.

It also has a patio and is an upstairs unit. Need I say more?

As for Georgia, the place we're applying to live at is close to the mall, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, the post office, pretty much everything and anything I'll need to be content in the city.

There also is an indoor shooting range about a quarter mile away from where we hope to live. Monday night is ladie's night from 6 - 9 pm. That means I get to shoot for free.

Additionally there is a Waffle House out there, and though I've never had it, a Chick-fil-a. Jesse says it's the best chicken ever. We'll see when I get there.

I'm having a hard time finding reasons to not go to Georgia at this point other than it's far from friends and family and the job market for me sucks, but we'll deal with that later.

Anyway, that's pretty much the deal. There's not a tentative moving date yet although I have heard there may be rumors of Jesse starting June 20th or sometime around then. So until then we will have a pretty rushed trip out there. Our biggest issue will be getting rid of clutter out here, but that's not that hard. We don't have a lot of furniture so we'll easily get away with a 16 foot truck. Budget is looking promising as they have the best rates so far. So yes, that's the lowdown.

The end.

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