Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Band Failure

Back in October, Charlie had this temper tantrum at the mall and was kicking and screaming and hating life and somehow managed to pull off my wedding band and it was lost forever. A few weeks later, I got a replacement at Walmart because it was in my budget (Note: Walmart jewelry sucks. Gold prices constantly go up like crazy – 300% since our rings were bought in 2007 - and it costs less  to buy a ring with diamonds now than a solid gold band!)

Some six or seven months later, the replacement broke.

But it's ok, it is being held together as we speak by some Scotch tape.

And as soon as I get home I'll just JB Weld that thing together again. How or why it split on two sides is beyond me. I just figure JB Weld can fix a hole in my radiator, it can fix a wedding band… I think. At least long enough that we can save up and get a new, better, shiny one. On my way to ring #3… this is ridiculous. My marriage better last because my rings sure the heck don't!

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