Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mommy's Little Monster

Today, Charlie and I were at Dick's Sporting Goods checking the place out when Bad Romance came on the radio over head. Charlie stopped in his tracks and screamed out, "MAMA!!! IT'S LADY GAGA!!!" I'm not sure why, but somehow, my 3 year old son has become completely enamored with Lady Gaga. Granted, she's got some super catchy songs that even my husband has learned to love the Gaga, but I think it's hilarious that he makes such a big deal whenever one of her songs comes on. He's such a little monster, it's awesome. Anyway, when we were on our road trip out here, Jesse decided that he would like to listen to Lady Gaga on multiple occasions as she was "pick me up" music that helped make the trip go along faster. The funny part were the stories we would tell Charlie to the songs. Like when the songs stopped, he'd ask where Lady Gaga went and I told him she was going to the Monster Ball and she'd be back. Charlie also liked how she sang about monsters because, hey, 3 year old boys love monsters, and what's greater than Lady Gaga singing about them to a catchy beat, right? Anyway, it never gets old.

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