Saturday, June 25, 2011

One Week In Georgia...

First things first, I have noticed since coming to Georgia, I have not had any allergy issues. That is a plus. My horrendous cough is obsolete. I'm assuming the humidity makes it too heavy for pollen to be present or there's less of it, either way, I'm glad to have all of that be done and over with.

I've found myself starting to figure out town, much to the thanks of the grand tour from Jesse's boss last Sunday. If it weren't for that, I'm pretty sure I would have gotten royally lost on more than one occasion while trying to find my way around. On the plus side, I'm starting to get a feel for the streets around here, which ones are the important ones to know, which ones are the ones I don't want to go down, heck, I'm even starting to get the gist of the grid system downtown! And I sure do hate one way streets! But it reminds me very much of the way downtown Reno was, not downtown LA, which was a horrible scary place I never wish to go to unless absolutely necessary.

As for Georgia, everyone out here is really nice. I'm definitely getting that southern hospitality feeling from people. This is probably the only place I've ever lived where I feel comfortable driving. I'm not an aggressive driver. I don't like to make rash split second decisions with transportation, and I definitely hate the LA driving of 90 mph on someone's tail, weaving in and out of lanes. In my mind, that accomplishes nothing other than really horrible accidents. Again, out here, people are all very courteous and it is reflected in their driving. I like it.

One of my favorite things about Georgia so far, however, is the nature! Everything is so green no matter where you look. I can't quite find the right words to describe the trees, but there are places where we live that look completely wooded. Like the western side of the park is full of pine trees clustered together and when you walk under them, you are completely shaded during even the sunniest time of the day. It's crazy! I absolutely love the birds out here. We have cardinals that are so vibrantly red with little crests on the tops of their heads, there's no mistaking what they are. Our woodpeckers are the same. Black and white with bright red heads. There's some really cool geese we call Dinosaur Ducks because they have these feathers that rise on their heads to look like some weird dinosaur crest, but their faces and parts of their necks are covered with fleshy boil looking skin (like turkey faces). The best we can describe them, since we have no idea what they're really called, hence, are Dinosaur Ducks. And actually, Charlie is credited for that name, one we are all rather fond of. Finally, we have a bunch of really cool cranes that fly around our place to the lake. Other fascinating wildlife include the frogs, which I like to catch whenever I see them, and release to the lake. On any given day you can find a dozen turtles or so sunning themselves down by the lake. We have yet to see them, but deer are rumored to come around our place in the very early evenings and mornings. Even the bugs are interesting out here. I don't like them, but I appreciate them. This morning I saw a bug that looked like a walnut and sounded like a buzz saw, charge at our apartment, crash into the roof and fly off in another direction. I have yet to see them, but we have a bunch of snakes out here. Where, I'm not sure, but included in our over 30 something species are 6 venomous species, which, hopefully, I'll get to see one because I am a super lover of herps (and I'm excited to hopefully see a corn or king in the wild like my old pets The Herp and Beetlejuice.)

Anyway, I'm still learning a lot about this town and love it. I mean, what's not to love? It's green, people are nice, they drive nice, there's lots of cool animals, and it's so much cheaper out here than everywhere else I've lived, not to mention the economy is booming because of Ft. Benning and soon to be transfers from Ft. Knox (because that just closed down.) It's just nice to live somewhere that people aren't all stressing out over companies closing, losing jobs, etc. like back in Nevada.

Oh, and before I forget, one last cool thing: the storms! Really intense thunderstorms with lightning and dumping down rain, even a crazy air raid alert system when it gets super bad. Although, that freaks me out a tad bit and I'll need to adjust to that one. I'm getting there thanks to the weekly Saturday noon testing they do.

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