Saturday, July 9, 2011

Random Thickness

Jesse had a craving for Panda Express, so I googled it and found the location and we drove down there. On our way out, we saw some sort of cop action, so we went the scenic route to be lookie-loos and it wasn't anything huge. We then continued down the road toward Macon, blasting Michael Jackson's BAD, on our way to get some Panda. When we got close to the location of Panda, we started looking for it, Jesse did a turn into a parking lot and laughed and I asked him what was so funny and he said, "You'll see." As we continued through the lot to the street, he continued, "It's a Panda Express, just not Panda Express." Yes, we were suckered by a fake Panda local sit-down restaurant. I suggested we go to the Macon Road BBQ House. After all, if I've learned nothing from loving food and watching Diners, Drive-In's and Dives, it's that the best food comes from little hole in the wall places that are locally owned. We were right. Jesse said to me that he wished I had a sense of smell because the food smelled so awesome. I told him while I couldn't smell, I could sense it and my tongue was picking up on the spices in the sauce and I was salivating like a mad man.

On the drive home, there was what appeared to be a rather large storm on it's way near, over, or through town. Not sure quite what's happening with the weather quite yet at this point. I was telling Jesse the best I could explain the atmosphere was "thickness". It was so humid it felt dense out. Like you could sense the heaviness in the air. It's so strange to describe, but there is so much moisture in the air, that without there being actual rain, clouds, mist, or anything, you can sense a heaviness in the atmosphere and just feel it.

Anyway, back to BBQ, it was fantastic. Best decision ever. I do believe this will become a regular place and one of those little local places you'll take people to when they visit. You know, like, if my sis comes out, we'll go there for sure. It's pretty awesome. The sauce is nomz, not too sweet, not too spicy, has a hard to describe flavor that taste like hints of mustard and garlic, but it is awesome. So the night winds down with enjoying the patio and my fancy pants citronella candle (and a mosquito still managed to bite me!) and a glass of my Covey Run Reisling. Which, I'm not a fan of white wines, but I do love quail and I had to buy it for the bottle alone. Oh, and I saw a huge frog in the tree and thought it was a snake or a lizard because there's no way the frogs out here could go up that high in the trees, but apparently they do.

Oh and one final thought: Charlie really likes Georgia. He makes a point of saying so every day, but it's more like, "Hey, guess what? I'm going to GEORGIA!" He is 100% potty trained (yay!) and has been sleeping in his own bed all night since we moved here pretty much. Oh, and once in a while he says he wants to go to a hotel because he liked staying at the hotels when we moved. Apparently they must have made quite an impression on him.  He goes back to school full time starting this Monday because I'm going back to work full time (yay!)

Long story short, Jesse and I have agreed Georgia is good stuff for all of us. While we're not near any of our friends or family anymore, it's a good decision for our little family of us three and we're happy. Good times, good times...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Random

I went out fishing today as usual and tried to get a bass. All I got were the babies following my lure in and nibbling on the rubber tail. Hopefully one day they'll tell their bigger siblings and I'll finally get me a bass. I wound up realizing that it was too hot of a day and the water I did have wasn't enough, and it was hot. I felt completely lame in calling Jesse to pick me up, but I did so anyway because I figured I'd rather be lame and lay out on the grass waiting for him to get me with some water and Brawndo than to try to make my way back and pass out or something along the way. Still trying to adjust to the weather...

When we got home, I took a shower and then we fared off to the mall because Jesse wanted some Chick-fil-a. I'm not sure how many times he can eat that in one week, I know for a fact he's up to 3 times so far. It's good, but nothing I'd write home over. When we left to go to the mall, there was some thunder and lightning and when we were inside, the sirens went off. I was pretty jazzed this morning to hear the tester siren, but I was kinda bummed to be in the mall in the food court at the time they were going off for real. Nerdy li'l ol' me actually went online to see what the different sound patterns mean and it was on the thunder/lightning storm warning. The all clear siren went off after a while, too. I've kinda learned to love those things and not get so weirded out by them so whenever they go off for real, I'm always interested in why.

Oh, apparently, the power went out at some point today while I was out fishing. Doesn't surprise me. Probably weather related. It did rain today, too. I also have a pretty reliable rain predictor and maybe it's just a coincidence, or maybe there's more to it, I dunno. I've noticed whenever the water level looks low at the lake, it rains that day. My theory: it gets evaporated and becomes low, then it all dumps back in place. Makes sense. Anyway, whenever it rains, our house frog comes out and either hangs out outside or comes into the hallway. We get lots of odd critters in our hall because people leave the door open and I'm ok with finding frogs and our lizard friends. Anyway, I'll end it on the house frog. He fits right in the palm of your hand. This time, I caught him and brought him upstairs and put him in Charlie's bucket so he could see him.