Saturday, August 20, 2011

Garands, Turkeys and BBQ

Today Jesse and I went out on a day trip with Charlie to Anniston, AL to visit the CMP store to finally get his M1 Garand back. He used to have one a long time ago but it got stolen from the trunk of his car a few years ago. They went up in price a lot over the years and he never was able to get one again until now. The drive was nice. We enjoyed a beautiful two hour drive to Anniston that included seeing several rivers, driving past Blanton Creek Park (where we will be dove hunting in a few weeks). For me, the highlight of the trip was seeing a turkey hen on the side of the road in some grass just hanging out enjoying a nice morning.

At the CMP store, there were rows upon rows of M1 Garands and Jesse wound up getting the last Springfield that was on the shelves. We browsed the store for a good while and wound up coming home with a M1 Garand, a certificate of authenticity, a shnazzy gun case, some targets, and a sling, and I bought Jesse a bayonet for his M1 .30 Carbine.

 After that, we drove back home, enjoying the sights again. We stopped in this cool little hunting store along the roadside. Then, we saw on the side of the road a hog being picked apart by two huge vultures. It was awesome. Speaking of pig, we pulled over into this place Roger's BBQ in West Point, GA, and had some really awesome pulled pork bbq sandwiches. I got giddy for the second time in the day at that and then having some turnip greens.

All in all, it was a nice little day. Jesse got to drive my new Focus for the first time since I bought it last weekend and the consensus is he likes it. Oh yeah, in case you didn't hear, I got a 2009 Ford Focus last weekend. Woo! We're home now. Jesse's fondling his Garand, and I'm thinking of breaking out my new toy, a Presto Kitchen Kettle multi-cooker that steams, slow cooks, and deep fries and making some donuts. Ooooh yeah!

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