Tuesday, October 25, 2011



My goal is to run the LA Marathon when I turn 30. I start training November 5 with Big Dog Running Company. Despite the fact your feet cost you nothing, running a marathon is expensive, especially since most of my costs are for travel to get me out from Georgia to my home turf in California. I am asking that instead of getting me birthday or Christmas presents this year, you donate to my race funds.

I have lots of friends. Even if you can donate $1 that brings me $1 closer to my goal. I’m kicking off this fund raising party with $150 from my own pockets to pay for my training costs. Help make my ridiculous dream come true! Thanks in advanced and I hope you guys will wait for me in Santa Monica at the finish line on March 18, 2012!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Take me back

Today is one of those days where I hate my life and where I'm at and want to go home. I want to have my old friends around. I don't want to be here I want to be anywhere else. I can't explain the feeling of the good old boys network and hating everyone knowing you and worrying about what you say to who and where and when. I hate having to walk on eggshells because everyone talks. I want  to be a faceless ghost in a nameless city. Take me there. Take me to that place.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Random

This has been a miserable week. I can feel a gnar gnar sore throat cough sinus hybrid cold brewing. I'm hoping it passes it's course quickly but I missed out on running Thursday and now I just feel stir crazy and want to go out and run. I'm hoping to have more energy so I can run rails to trails tomorrow for my weekend long run. I did super good Tuesday and felt like I blazed past a bunch of people during the middle spurt. The middle is definitely my strong part where I'm in the zone and do my most efficient running.

Today I got my Benelli Nova. And as I say hello to one gun I say goodbye to another. My. 357 will most likely be going to a coworker who is a fan of revolvers, so I know the gun will be going to a loving home. I'm  very particular about where my guns go when I grow bored of them.

Anyway back to the funk. I'm not feeling so great and in turn I'm going into hybrination avoiding people and spending alone time sleeping and eating crap. In otherwords destructive behaviors. I'm not a fan of the eating part particularly. I'm OK with being alone and running or sleeping. So Jesse if you're reading this can you crack down on me to not eat crap?  And make me run on my days off. I need to. Help me help myself.

I think we're gonna sight my rifle this weekend and hone in on skills for our hunt in November. All our gear has been purchased and all that's left to do is buy food and firewood. I'm still kinda looking around for processors and taxidermists to compare rates, options and availability.  I'd also like to get a guided quail hunt in November too if we can.

Anyway its time to call it a night.