Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ding ding ding bonk! 2012 edition

Predictions for 2012:

- voting numbers will reach an all time high for the us presidential election.
- Katy Perry will fall into a wild streak substance abuse rampage after her divorce with Russel brand is finalized.  She will also release her highest grossing album to date and her first hot single from the new album will be a hate song about Russell.
- a destructive hurricane will hit Florida causing millions of dollars in damages
-Lindsey lohan will be involved in a near fatal car crash that will result in her choosing to take control of her substance abuse problems.

Ding! Ding! Bonk! 2011 Wrap Up

Every New Years, Jesse and I have a tradition of listening to Coast To Coast AM's New Years Prediction show. In honor of that, last year I compiled my own list of predictions. Here's the follow up:

- There will be a mass meat recall due to some form of tainted beef.

- There will be a big fire in the central valleys of California.

- A new species of dinosaur will be discovered Utah.

Well, while there WAS a new species of bird discovered, it wasn't in the Amazon, but surprisingly in the US. This is the first in over 37 years apparently. However, there was a new species of primate found in the Amazon.
- A new species of bird will be discovered in the Amazon.

Well, there was a pretty devastating earthquake in India this year, but I can't find any info pertaining to outbreaks of diseases, looting or rioting, or the US throwing more troops there to civilize things.
- There will be a disasterous earthquake in India and it will be felt throughout many neighboring countries causing a massive outbreak of diseases, looting and rioting and the US will throw more soldiers to Afghanistan to try and stabilize things there.

- The economy will start to show signs of recovery (not stabilization yet.)

Well, TSA did change a few rules in terms of security check equipment, but it looks like body scanners are here for a while longer.
- TSA is going to become stricter on their regulations on what you can and can't take on planes, however, the full body scanners are going to start to phase out due to costs.

There were a few different lawsuits regarding privacy rights and cookies, but it appears there have not been any closed cases yet, but ones that have happened in the past have been thrown out or over ruled because plantiff's can't prove any harm done.
- Facebook will be at the center of a large class action suit over privacy rights (they will win under the pretense people can opt how much information they choose to share on the internet about themselves.)

Looks like any generalized prediction can come true or not. Just like horoscopes, if we look for it, we can find something in nothing. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Did a short 3.75 mile tonight. After that, I went to Publix and saw fireworks. Oh yeah! When I was paying, the bag boy was talking to me about zombies. That was fun. I got home and took a shower and followed up by making an unintentionally healthy dinner. I made salmon for me since Jesse and Charlie already ate and found it to be a little on the bland side. I was really hoping for tuna, but they didn't have any tuna steaks. It was still nice to have fish since I haven't had fish in forever and a day. After dinner, Jesse rubbed my feet, which was the best thing ever because my feet were totally having flashback aches from Saturday's run tonight. Anyway, it was a good night. Gonna crash for the evening.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Point of Uncertainty

Today we took my ring in to discuss the issue of another diamond falling out in the 6 months since I've had it. The manager wasn't in to authorize anything, but at this point we were given the options of they could send the ring out for repair (however, according to my insurance plan, my diamond isn't under warranty because I already used my one replacement option already a few months ago when it had the lost diamond after resizing.) Option two was exchange it for a new version of my ring, which, of course, would have to be resized, and even then they can't guarantee that the same thing wouldn't happen again. Finally, option three would be to exchange for something else. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I love my ring tremendously, but I also enjoy wearing it and I can't wear it if every time I turn around, it needs to be gone for a week here or there to get a resize, repair, cleaning, repair, etc. It's like buying a new car that turns out to be a piece of crap and constantly gets recalls and has to go in to get repaired. It's like, what's the point of owning something if you don't get to use it? I'm almost at the point of seeing if they'll just refund me my money and I go somewhere else. I'm kind of fed up and on the verge of throwing my hands up in defeat and saying screw it. I'm not gonna lie, this whole ring fiasco breaks my heart. Ever since the original was lost, trying to replace it with something permanent that won't get lost, destroyed, or break is almost like asking for an act of God. It's jewelery, not rocket science! What gives!?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Aches, Pains, and Complains

5:20 AM - Wake up. Nose is full of thick yellow brown snot from week long sinus ruckus. Spend the next 10 minutes sitting on the toilet blowing it out, going pee, and spitting run off into the toilet between my legs. Multitasking at it's finest.

5:48 AM - Hop on the computer and look up directions to Shelly's house. Follow up by making coffee. Note to self: put water in coffee maker before turning on.

6:00 AM - Get dressed. Search frantically in the dark for leg warmers. I know I'll find them because I know they feel significantly different from the rest of the stuff in my sock/bra/underwear/tights drawer. OK, maybe not. Mistakenly found various pairs of socks before finding leg warmers.

6:15 AM - Brushing teeth and what not. Still haven't found my black do'rag. Not sure where it is, maybe in a clothing item or hunting gear? Haven't found it in a few weeks and I've been looking for it. Maybe it's time to give up looking for it.

6:50 AM - Finished getting ready. Mix up coffee. I look like a walking ad for H&K. I'm rocking leg warmers. I feel awesome. Today is gonna be a good day.

6:58 AM - Leave house. Google maps tells me it'll take 20 minutes to get to Shelly's house.

7:13 AM - Parking out front from Shelly's. Looks like Google lied. Rummage through car to get stuff situated for the day's run.

7:35 AM - Waiting for someone to show up for run. We should have left 5 minutes ago. She shows up eventually. Start running.

8:00 AM - Where the f are we?

8:15 AM - I hate you hills.

8:20 AM - I really like these houses. OOH! Horses!

8:25 AM - That sounds like a gun shot. If I'm out near these woods all sweaty and hearing guns in this morning cold, I'd rather be hunting. I'm half waiting for a deer to pop out in front of me any minute now.

8:50 AM - Stop. Dogs. They're barking at us. We have to stop or they'll chase us. Or so we're told.

9:00 AM - Halfway point. Surprise brownies. Oh yeah.

10:00 AM - Almost done. Lost our fearless leader, but we keep going. Says a lot about our characters. Oh look! A siren!

10:30 AM - Back at Shelly's house. Fudge and cider up. Good times.

11:00 AM - Log miles. Take a bath. Loaf briefly.

12:00 PM - Get dressed and what not.

12:50 PM - Take Charlie to see the new Chipmunks movie.

2:30 PM - Head home. Feeling guilty for being amused by Chipmunks movie.

3:00 PM - Home. Headache from lack of sugar and caffeine. Feeling pains of run. Achy. Tired. Gotta get ready for church.

3:40 PM - Leaving for church. Charlie is being a butt. Jesse stays home because he has a caffeine headache and is watching TV.

3:52 PM - Get to church. Charlie is asleep. Dammit.

4:00 PM - We're early for church but it's already packed. Charlie and I stand in the back. My knees are seriously killing me now.

4:10 PM - Charlie has to pee. We leave.

4:12 PM - We return. Someone lets me sit down. Thank God!

4:30 PM - Charlie is restless. He starts making a hand gun and shooting at Jesus. I grab his hand mortified before anyone notices and tell him, "NO!"

4:35 PM - Charlie is continuing to be a butt. The childrens' choir is singing Silent Night. Charlie throws up the metal sign. Mortified, again, I put his hand down and say, "NOT HERE!"

4:55 PM - Leave church aching and frustrated my husband and child are heathens, but I love them. Frustrated that even though I'm in pain and tired from being up all day, I still go to church. Charlie, who fell asleep in the car, managed to be OK for the most part at church. Thinking people must think I'm some horrible person because I'm at church by myself with my child who is trying to shoot Jesus and throw up the metal sign. Further proof this child is the devil child. ::facepalm::

5:15 PM - Home. Jesse didn't take out the trash. I hobble down the stairs and to the trash to take out the trash and boxes.

5:30 PM - Hobble back up the stairs.

5:45 PM - Open one present each.

6:12 PM - Done for the night. Finished blogging about my day. Ready to hang up dress, throw on jammies, throw my arms up in defeat and crash. Just gotta add pictures.

6:18 PM - Charlie spilled OJ on the carpet. Why does he have a drink on the carpet? So much for having a clean house for Christmas. So much for the carpets being cleaned. OK, NOW I'M DONE.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blood, Sweat, Tears, & Lightning

I was lacking one of my 30 minute runs this week due to the fact something on my leg has been hurting again. A few weeks back it was hurting at the start of the 7 miler, but after some ice and rest, it got better. Well, last week during the magic mile, it started to act up again, same spot. I iced it again and did the same treatment I did last time, only this time it's still hurting. It's not anything major, just a dull ache. Anyway, because of that I've been trying to rest it a bit in hopes it'll go away again.

So after I got off work today, I figured I'd go for a quick run before Charlie and Jesse got home because I know if I did it then, I wouldn't get comfortable and not go out. My leg has been feeling better and I thought I'd give it a whirl. I got out and it was unseasonably warm outside so I was in shorts and a singlet and ready to enjoy a nice little run. Not too long after I got out, it started to rain and I thought, "No biggie, this can be nice." I've ran in the rain several times and love it, especially when it's warm outside. It's like nature providing you with a cooling system. What's not to like?

So I'm running along doing my thing, feeling good and then I hear some thunder over my music. I take my earbud out for a second and listen and sure enough, it's thunder. "No biggie," I think, "It's just thunder. You can do this. Just keep on keepin' on..." and I continue to run.

I'm about 3/4 the way done when I see a streak of lighting cross above me and hear thunder crackle. I think, "OH SHIT!" and go into panic mode and speed my ass up and run a shortcut home as fast as I could. I still haven't been out here long enough to know when the lightning isn't a big deal or not, but I'm not really in the mood to figure out via trial and error either. In my hauling ass home, I got home in one piece, just completely out of breath because I must have ran a mile or so as fast as I possibly could and stressed my leg more and so it hurt again by the time I got home.

Later that night, I sat in the living room on the floor with Jesse and Charlie in the dark with ice on my leg watching the lightning show. It was a good time. And in other news, I managed to accomplish some tiny victories completing some of my Daily Mile challenges for the month. Yay. It was a good time other than aching and getting scared. All I can say is this is some craziness training for a marathon. Oh, and I have officially registered for the LA Marathon. That means I have to do it now. No excuses.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Do as you're told

A long time ago I told Jesse to cut me off if I eat anything bad and to remind me I'm gonna get fat if I keep it up. He said no because it would give me  a complex. I reminded him he's not insulting me by doing so but pro riding a reality check and that this dose of blatant honesty is sometimes needed especially since I can easily go into goldfish eating mode. Anyway tonight I was eating chocolate covered pretzels and Jesse took the bag and said I'm cut off or I'll get fat. Kudos to a man who does what he's told in the name of trying to help his wife help herself.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Random Optimism

In a day and age where too many people focus too much on negative things about themselves I'm going to take a minute to focus on things I like. Hooray random list!

I have pretty good marksmanship, but not so good penmanship. But if you saw my handwriting, you'd think I were a doctor so I like it.

I like the way my bangs look right now and find it funny I always hated having bangs as a kid, but really like them now. A great hair stylist makes all the difference.

I never liked my boobs, but I think they look pretty good in push up bras and I never have problems finding shirts that fit because they're too big or too small. Sometimes being average isn't such a bad thing.

I hate going on diets and I hate exercise. But I like training for a marathon because it allows me to eat a lot and look great. I'm pretty sure after I'm done with my marathons in the spring, I'll probably keep up this same routine because I like eating and I like running places. I also love that I'm accomplishing a lot of my Daily Mile challenges.

I love my imagination. It is capable of so many incredible feats that make every day of my life ridiculously amazing and I never regret any days because they're all fantastic, even the crappy ones.

I have this ability to draw parallels between anything. I call it my Rainman ability. But really, its just my imagination and the gift of bullshit. This is the way I get through crappy days by trying to find some connection between negativity and positivity and flipping it into something not so bad. Optimism. It works.

I like that after so many years I've managed to create a budget and stick to it. Some days I really hate it because I'd like to get things, but I also know that it is savings with a purpose. I'm not denying myself of small material things at the time being but saving for a bigger, better material something later.

I have awesome people in my life. I'm a believer of staying where its warm. I have no problem weeding out negative people. They're like weeds in a garden and if you have one of them, you will soon have many and none of your flowers will grow. Pluck them while they're still small and your garden will thrive. I have a pretty bitchin' garden, just sayin'...

Anyway, maybe its my runners high still, or the fact I'm going hunting tomorrow, but I'm in a darned good mood right now. I'm excited about the holidays and just about running a half marathon soon. Life is pretty good right now. I'd like to stay that way. What are you happy about today?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Soon before you know it the primary election will be coming up and to be honest, I am really excited about this year's race. Anyway, I am an extremely firm believer people should vote based on policy and do their research on candidates they believe best fit true to your own personal beliefs and not the sports team style voting where you go for the "popular" candidate and get all crazy and riot in the streets when your person "wins". It's our country's future, not the Laker Parade. And let's hope there's no THREEPETE with any of our presidents... ever hahah. I was researching my presidential primary choices and I have to say I was rather surprised with my outcomes. I have a system. I read all the candidates takes on issues. I also have a charting system. Basically I pick the most important issues to me after going over each candidates stances on all issues they list and then give them a mark on my chart of + (worth 3 points) x (worth 2 points) - (worth 1 point) or 0 for no response on a given topic. 0's do not count towards the final score and if there are only 5 answers out of a possible 9 sections, the average is given out of the 5. Interestingly enough, the one candidate I have always liked and was thinking I would be voting for, came in a surprising 6TH PLACE on my system! That shocked me. Especially since he was my first choice in the primaries for the 2008 election. Interesting how things change over time. Either his views have or mine have, or there's candidates who strike my belief system closer that weren't in the running in the past. Either way, there are some interesting people in the race this year. I can't wait till the actual candidates are picked for the 2012 election. That'll be round two of policy check to see if anyone changed their minds on issues after getting elected. Because that happens. And I gotta make sure I get the right choice in. For the records, my number one choice came in with a shining 96%, while runners up came in with 87% and 85%. I could easily say I do like my first and second choices, the third kind of surprised me a bit there as did fourth and fifth. Again I was surprised my past first choice was down at 6th place, and surprised my 7th place person wasn't higher up. As for the bottom two, they didn't really strike me as anything impressive, and one didn't even have any information of his policies available. Scores ranged from 96% to 75% (and 0% if you count the candidate who had nothing to say.)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a pretty nice little weekend. Friday night I did grocery shopping and picked up a few last minute presents. Saturday morning I cleaned 90% of the house and did laundry while Jesse met with his boss for some work stuff. Afterward, we went out to have lunch at the Cantina, where we heard the sirens go off (yay!) and then trekked out to the Riverwalk. Jesse rented a bike again and a kid trailer for Charlie and played coach along my side as I did my running. We went down 4.5 miles and headed back up again. I'm not sure how long we were out but I'll make sure to time it next time. Charlie fell asleep in the coach and Jesse and I had a nice talk about random stuff as we always do. We also caught in some neat sights along the way. I didn't know but apparently there's some alligator habitats around here we have to look out for. I had to do one of those "Look, ma!" pictures for my mom because she always worries about gators with us living in the south and all and I keep telling her we're not far enough down to have to worry about that. Oops. Heh. I think I'd be a little more concerned if I actually saw an alligator...

Sunday was supposed to be my relax day as I finished all my work on Saturday and was feeling a little achy after running 9 miles. Instead, I went to the 8 am mass at church, then stopped by Publix for a few things, and headed to Walmart for some more stuff and dropped my wedding ring off for it's cleaning and maintenance. Jesse and Charlie went off in search of a gun show that turned out to be a bit of a flop. Instead they came home and Jesse made me some chicken to go on my lunch salad. I find it interesting that I've lost 4 lbs and feel a lot happier and stress free since I've managed to rid myself of certain people. I guess when all people do is talk about what restaurants serve certain foods in between complaining, I can't help but think of the website This Is Why You're Fat. Looks like my super awesome salads are doing the trick. Tangent aside, later in the evening, we went to Logans for dinner with my department. That was fun and the food was pretty good but I think the waiters were flustered with  the large group and kept messing up orders, giving people who wanted shrimp lobsters, and forgetting to give one of the guys his ribs, and when he did get them, they were cold. They took them back to bring out hot ribs and when they came back they were still cold, but his potato was hot. Hahah. Dang it.

Anyway, the weekend was good. One thing I forgot to mention was that I had a really awesome run on Thursday night. I'm going to do that same route again this week on my Tuesday/Thursday run because it was so nice and, as I kept telling myself as I got out there and was almost done "this last mile is the difference between losing that extra pound." Seriously it is. I still need to get my permit to use the gym facility. I gotta work my arms and abs for June. It's free, so I might as well, right?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shit or Get Off The Pot

One of my favorite rules of life quotes comes from play write Maria Irene Fornes and she wrote, "I have to live with my decisions, whether you like them or not." That being said, in life, people do things that upset others, but you can't go around living your life in fear of whether you'll hurt peoples feelings or not because then you compromise your own happiness. There has to be some give and take. And in my case I need to start living my life for me. I have given so much that I am now left empty handed.

First off, I want to be in shape. I want to do my marathon. I want to lose weight. It's not gonna happen by going out to lunch every day. I gained a lot of weight moving out to Georgia from living off fast food all week. I started to lose that weight when I'd sit down every day and eat my same old lunch on the Plaza and read my books and go walking. Then I got stuck in the "going out" trap. Where it seemed like every day I would be going out to eat or hang out for lunch and start spending money I didn't need to waste or eating crap that was sticking with me. I'm a compulsive person. I can't be around the fast food or the snacks. I do have to shut myself out from being social if that's what it takes. That's just the way it is.

Second, I put others above my family all too often. I'll go out at night with friends or whatever. I do my running. I go hunting. In Reno I had the gym and softball. I need to do things with the family more. If I want to stay home with my family, it really irks me when people try to guilt me or pressure me into going out. Making people have to choose over their family isn't a good thing, especially if your family is getting frustrated with you because you don't choose them. Granted, life is a giant balancing act and you make time for family, friends, work, yourself, etc. But it's even more insulting when I do make arrangements to go out and when the time comes to go where we are destined to go, the plan suddenly changes and I find myself lounging around waiting to figure out what the hell everyone wants to do. OK, if I wanted to sit around, I could do that at home. I'm going on GOING OUT strike. I'm not going out.

Misery loves company. There's the people who have things to bitch about, and I'm not talking about once in a while, because that happens, but you know the people who complain about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. If you're a world-is-out-to-get-me'er, or a perpetual pitty party animal, or someone who feels the need to have self-inflicted drama, or complain about situations in which YOU HAVE CONTROL TO CHANGE, do me a favor and just don't talk about it with me because I don't care. Really, I don't. I can understand why some people aren't very popular, usually its because they make everything in life some sort of ordeal and the world is down on them constantly. I'll be nice for nice sake, but after a while, it just gets to become a burden that isn't my problem and I'll just ignore it and the person for that matter. I hate when people complain about things that they can fix. Look, obviously if people offer suggestions on how to fix it and you ignore them, that makes me as someone suggesting help, feel as if you do not value my opinion and that what I have to say isn't important enough, or that you thrive on drama and at that point, I can see where this is going and I'm not in the mood to deal with it. It's frustrating to hear the same shit over and over again.  I was told once that you can only worry about things which you have control over and that anything else you should just sweat it off. It's not your problem, you can't change it, don't let it bother you. Anyway, things have become such an annoyance to me lately that I'm just dealing with life as it hands things down to me. See how I did that? Pretty nifty, huh?

Finally, I'm gonna say it: I am not single. Don't try to make me act like a single person. I have a husband. I have a child. Don't expect me to flail my arms and jump all excited like to hang out whenever and stay out all hours of the night. I CANNOT DO THAT. Period. This goes back to issue #2 and I've done this time and time again here and in Reno. If I can't go out with my beloved husband, don't expect me to just up and jump out and go out. It's not fair to Jesse that he has to stay home with Charlie all the time. He should be able to go out too. Additionally, I don't feel like having my marriage fall apart to cater to the lives of my single friends. I worked very hard to have a wonderful marriage and I'm not about to throw it away to hang out with friends who can easily ask any number of their other friends out. And I especially do not feel like being around divorced people. Lord keep them away from me! I am going to judge and say maybe your ex was a douche, but after seeing how some single parents or divorced people act in public when drunk, I have to question just how much of their failed marriages are their fault. An old coworker once said there's 3 types of people in the world: single people, married people, and divorced people. Four if you want to count people with children. They all tend to hang out with their peers. I do not want to be a divorced single mom, so just keep that in mind. I'm not gonna be out dancing on table tops or trying to be anyone's wing man. And yes, I will totally be a cock block and say someone is being too slutty or the guy you are talking to is a douche bag and you'll regret it later. Hate me for it, at least when I drink I still have a voice of reason in me.

No one and I repeat NO ONE is worthy of more than 5 - 10% of my time on any given day. I'm not a people person. In fact, I hate people for the most part. Anyway, long story short, I just feel like I refuse to spend so much time and effort into trying to please others. I've tried to be the nice guy for far too long and quite frankly too many straws have been placed on this camel's broken back. If I'm busy, I'm busy. If I want to be at home, go out with other friends, family, call, email, text anyone else, I don't need to justify to anyone other than my HUSBAND the who, what, where, why, when, or hows. Additionally,  I also don't want to know details of everyone's life stories at EVERY given moment of the day. I have work to do. I have a family. And I have a life of my own. I don't have every second of my day to devote to others. Not to mention, I'm not getting paid by the hour to play psychiatrist.

No one is going to rain on my parade. I just think its really shitty that people who are constantly negative try to bring others down. Whatever. I spent a lot of time and effort into making my parade awesome. No one is going to ruin it. Misery loves company and this is me RSVP'ing that I won't be going to Misery's pitty party.