Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Soon before you know it the primary election will be coming up and to be honest, I am really excited about this year's race. Anyway, I am an extremely firm believer people should vote based on policy and do their research on candidates they believe best fit true to your own personal beliefs and not the sports team style voting where you go for the "popular" candidate and get all crazy and riot in the streets when your person "wins". It's our country's future, not the Laker Parade. And let's hope there's no THREEPETE with any of our presidents... ever hahah. I was researching my presidential primary choices and I have to say I was rather surprised with my outcomes. I have a system. I read all the candidates takes on issues. I also have a charting system. Basically I pick the most important issues to me after going over each candidates stances on all issues they list and then give them a mark on my chart of + (worth 3 points) x (worth 2 points) - (worth 1 point) or 0 for no response on a given topic. 0's do not count towards the final score and if there are only 5 answers out of a possible 9 sections, the average is given out of the 5. Interestingly enough, the one candidate I have always liked and was thinking I would be voting for, came in a surprising 6TH PLACE on my system! That shocked me. Especially since he was my first choice in the primaries for the 2008 election. Interesting how things change over time. Either his views have or mine have, or there's candidates who strike my belief system closer that weren't in the running in the past. Either way, there are some interesting people in the race this year. I can't wait till the actual candidates are picked for the 2012 election. That'll be round two of policy check to see if anyone changed their minds on issues after getting elected. Because that happens. And I gotta make sure I get the right choice in. For the records, my number one choice came in with a shining 96%, while runners up came in with 87% and 85%. I could easily say I do like my first and second choices, the third kind of surprised me a bit there as did fourth and fifth. Again I was surprised my past first choice was down at 6th place, and surprised my 7th place person wasn't higher up. As for the bottom two, they didn't really strike me as anything impressive, and one didn't even have any information of his policies available. Scores ranged from 96% to 75% (and 0% if you count the candidate who had nothing to say.)

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