Saturday, December 17, 2011

Random Optimism

In a day and age where too many people focus too much on negative things about themselves I'm going to take a minute to focus on things I like. Hooray random list!

I have pretty good marksmanship, but not so good penmanship. But if you saw my handwriting, you'd think I were a doctor so I like it.

I like the way my bangs look right now and find it funny I always hated having bangs as a kid, but really like them now. A great hair stylist makes all the difference.

I never liked my boobs, but I think they look pretty good in push up bras and I never have problems finding shirts that fit because they're too big or too small. Sometimes being average isn't such a bad thing.

I hate going on diets and I hate exercise. But I like training for a marathon because it allows me to eat a lot and look great. I'm pretty sure after I'm done with my marathons in the spring, I'll probably keep up this same routine because I like eating and I like running places. I also love that I'm accomplishing a lot of my Daily Mile challenges.

I love my imagination. It is capable of so many incredible feats that make every day of my life ridiculously amazing and I never regret any days because they're all fantastic, even the crappy ones.

I have this ability to draw parallels between anything. I call it my Rainman ability. But really, its just my imagination and the gift of bullshit. This is the way I get through crappy days by trying to find some connection between negativity and positivity and flipping it into something not so bad. Optimism. It works.

I like that after so many years I've managed to create a budget and stick to it. Some days I really hate it because I'd like to get things, but I also know that it is savings with a purpose. I'm not denying myself of small material things at the time being but saving for a bigger, better material something later.

I have awesome people in my life. I'm a believer of staying where its warm. I have no problem weeding out negative people. They're like weeds in a garden and if you have one of them, you will soon have many and none of your flowers will grow. Pluck them while they're still small and your garden will thrive. I have a pretty bitchin' garden, just sayin'...

Anyway, maybe its my runners high still, or the fact I'm going hunting tomorrow, but I'm in a darned good mood right now. I'm excited about the holidays and just about running a half marathon soon. Life is pretty good right now. I'd like to stay that way. What are you happy about today?

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