Wednesday, January 25, 2012


After we lost Lulu, we agreed no more dogs for a while. But after she was gone for two days, we knew it was time to search for another pug and fast. We thought, maybe a black male pug. That way its another pug but totally opposite of Lulu. Well, Pug Watch 2012 wasn't going very well. I came across dozens of scams or fawn pugs and eventually we thought we'd just take whatever we could get. My mom and Lori were looking in CA in the meantime to see if they had any pug leads. Just as I was about to spend $600 with a breeder two hours from here, Lori called to tell me about this pug she found in Reseda, CA by my mom's house. I told her if she wants to see it she can, at this point I trust her judgement.

Lori was going to check out the pug Monday night and I don't hear back from her for a while. I texted to see if she was going or not and she calls back completely excited and says she's at the house of the pug and it is super cute. OK. I told Jesse and asked what he thinks and he said it's my call, so I tell Lori, without even sleeping on it or anything, if she wants to get the pug, she can, but we need to figure out a way to get it out to Georgia. So Lori went to the ATM and I talked to my mom and told her I'd get her a plane ticket. She said she'd pay for half of it since we had just spent close to $600 on Lulu's cremation and vet costs. So we waited anxiously from Monday night till Thursday afternoon when my mom came out with Jinky.

I kept hearing everyone say what a cute pug she was in California. My mom and sis both thought she was super cute, a ball of energy and a good girl and Lori kept sending me pictures at random. The pug's name was Jinky. We weren't sure about the name and thought of changing it to Bebe, but in the end, Jinky was somehow a better fit. Plus, Charlie couldn't remember her name and called her Stinky and that worked too.

Thursday afternoon I met the Jinkster and she was so happy to see me. I think she must have thought I was Lori at first, but I didn't mind. I had a curly-cute tail smushy face pug eye baby who wanted to jump into my arms in front of my work and I was ready to take her to see her new forever home.

The first few days with Jinky were definitely an adjustment period. She hung out with my mom and Charlie constantly. They went to the park and Charlie and Jinky napped together while Jesse and I were at work. We thought, "OK, she's gonna be Charlie's dog." She also kept having accidents in the house, but I attribute that to the plane trip, being on a new time zone schedule, and being in a new home away from her old one. I also think she's younger than the people told my sister. They said she was 8 months but she seems younger than that. We all agree.

Anyway, yesterday I took my mom home and it was our first night with Jink-a-link and she was so excited and happy to see us when we came home. She was a very good girl and didn't have any accidents or anything while we were gone. She slept in our bed with us, but did wake up to check on Charlie, and barked twice last night at the neighbor's TV. This morning, she was hanging out in bed with Charlie and Jesse and then came to hang out with me in the bathroom while I got ready, something Lulu did all the time. It made me feel a little better to know this new little pug was following in the footsteps of Lulu. I don't want to compare the two because they're totally different pugs, but it's nice to know both had/have similarities in behaviors.

Jinky is a pretty cool little pug, though. She's a bag of bones and needs to put on weight but she's got a good attitude. I think in a few years when she grows up and pugs out a bit, she'll be a top notch pug. I love how she looks unamused and like she's judging you when you take pictures of her. It's so far from what she's really like in person, but every pug has their look. Lulu's look was either guilty, sad, or happy. Jinky so far is unamused and judgemental. We all love Jinky and look forward to a long and happy life with her.

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Lori said...

Your previous post about Lulu was so pretty jenny. I have never understood the "furbaby" crowd very well, but with you and lulu it really made sense to me. Even as a bystander online, I knew that she was a special pug and that your love for her was much more than that of an owner and a pet. Thanks so much for sharing her with us. It broke my heart when I heard what happened, it really did. I'm so glad you have found Jinky, I'm sure you will have tons of fun times together. I wish you the best!