Saturday, February 4, 2012


Seventeen miles aka the run that kicked the shit outta me. That's how far I ran today. It started half an hour earlier than our usual long runs. I didn't have any sport beans today just some energy bars and water. I learned I need a lot more energy bars if I am to use those in the future but more importantly, I need electrolytes. Sport beans have electrolytes. Anyway back to the run. We ran from Big Dog to the Marina to some place in the boonies by the river with really nice houses some 8.5 miles out. Around 6 miles into our run this cute dog started to chase me and Crystal to get him to go back home. We threw sticks for him to chase but in the end he followed us to the end of the 8.5 miles and back to the Marina. That was pro ably a total of 7 miles this dog ran with us. We all felt bad because the dog had several close calls almost getting hit by cars but it wasn't our dog and we did the best we could to watch it didn't get hurt. When we got to the Marina, the dog met some fishermen who took it from there. My guess is they took it to animal control or home. Lesson learned : if you have a dog and live in the boonies on acres of land,  put up a fence. On the way from the Marina back, I started feeling really crappy. I was out of fuel and needing electrolytes bad. The last 5 miles were like torture but we did them. I avoided a potentially bad accident and almost fell on imy own two feet on some crack on the sidewalk. I'm sure if I didn't catch my step I would have got a broken ankle and one or two messed up knees. It had the making of something nasty. Alas I was OK and made it back in one piece. All I could think of were Maureen's  Brownies and hoping there were still some left over. I lucked out. There were lots!  I ate my weight in Brownies and got some Gatorade and sport beans. To my surprise, I wasn't nearly as achy as I thought I'd be. Only one more long run with the group then I'm Marathon bound. Yikes.

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GET IT! Skinny Minnie!