Friday, April 13, 2012

Filling In The Blanks

So I haven't had a blog of "what's going on" kinda stuff in a while, so here's what's happening in no particular order:

Ran the LA Marathon last month. I might have had a whole blog devoted to that at some point in time or another but I still can't get over the fact I did it. I did realize that I should have got new shoes before I ran it, but oh well. I did buy new shoes this week, though. Went from the Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 to the  Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 and I've come to the conclusion that is very much my shoe and I'm super happy I found a shoe that fits me perfectly.

Next weekend I'm running a 5k. Haven't done one in forever and a day. Seems that way with all the marathon stuff. If anyone has ever ran a marathon, you'll know how it kinda becomes your life for the duration you train till you do it.

Charlie is excited about his birthday. We're doing a construction theme. Lori was supposed to come out and make his cake but I don't see that happening so we're gonna go the route of cupcakes and do a cupcake display. It's ok, I found some neat stuff to use for this awesome (crappy) display. I can't make cakes or cupcakes to save my life, so this will be interesting.

I'm dying my hair red again. I haven't been a red head in ages so it's time for a change. At least till I get bored of it and go back to black again. Because I always go back to black. I'm guessing I'll keep it a month or so. I doubt I'll have the patience to bleach and dye as often as red requires.

WMA turkey season opens in the locations we want to hunt this weekend. Doubt we'll go for another week or so. Hopefully we have better luck with turkey than we did with deer.

My mom is coming up next month, too. Yay!

That's all I got.