Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Integrity For Sale

There's something to be said about creatives. Few professions in the world can create something of beauty for a client while having their beliefs criticized and mocked without compromising the integrity of the client's final project. We make our clients look good despite the fact we are insulted because our work means more to us than their words.Whether we are driven by professionalism to create a masterpiece that represents us as artists, or more sinister motives like money, the fact of the matter is no matter what people say or do to us, we will never tell you your beliefs are wrong or we disagree with you. Instead we'll take notes on what you want, devise something amazing, and make you look good. In the end, it's not you we hope to impress, but rather fulfill our own desires to be great, and to have those around us see us for who we truly are: amazing professionals with a talent for sale. Some artists might swear that no amount of money can make them compromise their integrity and that is a lie. Even the most dignified person has a price tag. Perhaps we are professional. Perhaps we're shrewd businessmen. Perhaps you, the client, will never know. You will never know whether we are conservative or liberal, religious or atheists, support your beliefs or disagree with them, you will just know you like our work and you will pay whatever it takes to have us representing you. And in the end, everyone wins.

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