Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Well Oiled Machine

Sometimes I forget how crazy my life is until I see it in writing. That being said, I need to remind myself of how my life went from busy to hectic in about a week. At one point, my life was about as busy as stay at home mom and freelancer, to full time job, less freelancing, and family. About a year ago, marathon training was added into the mix. Last week, part time school was lumped on. Now, art show (if you want to call it that) and sewing cloth diaper covers are the cherry on top. I'm not sure how I function like this, but I'm pretty sure I just function in auto-pilot, which, I am completely OK with. I enjoy being a machine and not having to deal with frivolous emotions of being human. I know they make pills for that, but I think I just answered the question to my age-old problem. If I don't want the medications, I need to be busy. It's just how I thrive.

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