Friday, July 5, 2013

It's Been A While...

It seems like it's been a while since I've had anything positive to post about really. A lot of things have been happening over the past few months that have caused a lot of stress and cause for silence, but all in all, were necessary stresses that resulted in positive outcomes.

First off, was the move. I think every possible stress in the world I have ever had has been lumped up into this process. Everything I have done post high school has gone to making "buy a house" a possibility on the bucket list. After years of waiting for the right opportunity and months of searching, we found one we liked. We managed to get a sweet low interest rate at the same time period as housing prices being low. It was the deal of the century in our eyes. So even though the process of buying went a lot smoother than moving, we spent a lot of time getting things over to the new home, cleaning out the apartment, and basically cutting ties with the world of renting forever. Good riddance!

Second, the pug. I feel like the last time I had anything to say about her, I was still concerned about her behavior. Fortunately, she got past the terrible two's of dog years, got a cat buddy, Ghost, who punks her and puts her in her place, and is now a model canine citizen in her dog training classes. I am a proud mommy to see what a good little puglet Jinky has become and it makes me very happy that I can take her places without her going crazy. She has come very far.

Finally, Jesse has finally managed to escape the bad interest rate on his truck. Today we drove out to Union City and traded his old Silverado in for a Ram. It's twice the truck, more room, fancier, only a year old, and with less miles and we managed to talk the dealers into dropping $1000 off the sticker price, and adding $4000 to the trade in price. What can I say? I strike a hard bargain when dealing with car salesmen... Jesse is super happy to have a nicer truck and a better interest rate and I'm happy he's happy. Plus Charlie has his own big back seat to sit in and we can haul 5 people with us if we carpool (can you say PORKCHOP EXPRESS when it comes time to Run Across Georgia!??!?!)

Anyway, all the crazy stuff is out of the way for the time being. We're hoping that maybe one more stroke of good fortune can come upon our family. It involves a bet between Jesse and I and whether or not something happens. If I win, I get a Garmin. If Jesse wins, which I'm hoping he does, it will mean great things for the family. Keeping my fingers crossed. Either way, it's a win-win bet.

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