Sunday, July 28, 2013


Long ago, far away in a wonderful land of Happy Hour Fridays, we used to save money at the bar by pre-funking, or drinking before going out to drink. That way we spent less and didn't look like lushes while AT the bar. While those days are long gone, the concept of the pre-funk has lived on into other areas of life. I apply it now as I venture off next month into training for Run For The Heroes/Run Across Georgia. If you're not familiar with it, in a nutshell it is a 5 day, 260 mile race from one end of the state to the other and money earned goes to House of Heroes.

Why am I doing this you wonder? Why run 260 miles? There's a slew of reasons. First off, it goes to a great cause. I'm all for doing any race that helps a great organization, even more so if 100% of the funds raised go directly towards it (as this one does!) Second, it's a personal challenge. I have flat feet, asthma, allergies, bad vision and I'm a slow runner. But I feel like when you break it down, the run is totally doable. I feel like if I believe I can do it, I CAN do it. I WILL beat the odds. Third, it's a challenge. (Challenge differing from personal challenge.) It is difficult and dangerous, risky, and TOTALLY A CHOICE. You know what else is difficult, dangerous, risky, and totally a choice? Protecting our country both over seas and at home. You know, all the military and public safety people that risk their lives every day? I'm sacrificing 5 of my days to endure harsh conditions to honor them. My dad endured harsh conditions in Vietnam. So for my dad, my friends in the military and law enforcement, and all the strangers I don't know and their families, THIS RUN'S FOR YOU! THAT is why anyone would choose to run 260 miles. And I think it's a pretty damned great reason, don't you?

So this weekend marked RAG pre-funk. Long before all this, I plotted out a training plan that spans over the course of the next 10 months and will basically eat up all my free time that isn't spent at work or school.

This month, I have spent doing my RAG pre-funk. My training before training. Going from doing one run a day to tworuns a day, to two runs two days in a row for a total of four runs in two days. I'm 16 miles short of 100 miles this month. I have learned to slay hills that were at one point challenging for me. I know that when those hills stop, I will go on. I am better than the hill.

There's a lot more that I'll try to find time to write about in coming weeks, but this is my official pre-training notice. I am about to become a very popular sight in Columbus at odd hours on weekends. If you see me running and I'm flipping you off, please know, I'm not flipping you off. I'm telling it to the hill I am running up. And now that you know that, you'll go looking for my subtle velociraptor claw middle finger next time you see me running up a hill. Good times...

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