Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jumping The Gun

It seems like people are so eager to get things done quickly now days, they compromise quality and completely bypass common sense. I feel as though I deal with this situation on a daily basis where information must get out right away, but in attempts to do so, details may be missing. That is not to say that the fault lies on the people who are creating the content or putting it out there, but that they are pressed with such a high demand from outsiders to receive information, that sometimes, it isn't perfect and requires several revisions.

As I said before, I deal with situations that compromise quality due to urgency. Yesterday, however, was the first time I had dealt with a situation that personally affected me because someone was so eager to jump the gun, they completely bypassed common sense. I had been shopping around recently for different insurance quotes to see if we could get a deal on our multiple coverage policy of home/auto insurance. I had contacted two companies. One called constantly and after calling them, I wasn't very impressed with their quote. The other I had said I was interested in their policy but would need to look into it more and that I would get back with them, giving them a date to call me of December 6th, not realizing that was a day I was going out of town. So December 6th rolls around and I had told the agent I completely forgot I was going to Savannah that day and to call me back in a week as I was interested, but needed to discuss this more with my husband. Key word here is interested.

Flash forward to December 16th: we get a letter in the mail from our lender notifying us that they have received our "intent to transfer" notice and that they will need proof of our new coverage along and that if we do not do so, they will provide an insurer for us, etc. etc. That the notice came in on December 10th.

New coverage?

Of course after taking care of some urgent work matters, I contact the company who quoted us and told them that we had decided that we were not going to use them, now in this part because they had taken it upon themselves to create a policy for us which we did not sign off on. Due to the fact they decided that me saying I was interested (not authorizing, interested and needing to discuss with my husband), they assumed that meant a green light. I'm pretty sure when you have a policy that is a joint account, you need both parties to authorize this. I could be wrong, but either way, even if I said, "Sure, let's do this," they would still need my signature to authorize the policy. So now, because of their anticipation, I had to spend the time to call my lender, my insurance agency, and them and say, "DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO MY ACCOUNT. LEAVE IT AS IS." Additionally, I have to send a letter of cancellation to prevent me getting billed to this "new" policy all because someone jumped the gun.

Moral of the story: Yes, sometimes life gets hectic and information needs to get out ASAP. Yes, sometimes mistakes are made. We are all human. However, there will never be a situation where something is so urgent, taking one second to apply a little common sense and ask yourself, "Is this right?" unless it pertains to life or death. When in doubt, check the facts. Nothing is worth compromising the satisfaction of clients, users, public, and so forth by bypassing common sense and jumping the gun just for the sake of getting something done. Sometimes, it's perfectly acceptable to delay.

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