Saturday, February 8, 2014

And So The Madness Begins!

Within the past week, I have been picking up supplies and tools to start the body work on the Satellite. Things ranging from various power tools, to chocolate. (Although, the chocolate was more to deal with a PMS emergency.)

In addition to tools, I have been getting supplies; mostly sand paper of various grains, Bondo, and things of that sort. I will have to pick up some fiberglass at some point as I have somehow forgotten to do so in my shopping spree. I also need to stay away from the power tools as I keep wanting to do an impulse buy of a Saws All. Not only is it a fun word to say, but it's just cool. Although I have no need to have one at this point in time, but damn, it would be cool to have!

After hiding under the car cover for a week with mostly rainy days and days that threatened to rain but produced nothing, the Satellite came out on Saturday along with the sun. The day was perfectly warm and beautiful.

Just as I did with the Oldsmobile Krylon Paint Job back in 2009, I've been breaking up the car and working it in sections at a time of sanding and then priming. Because I had to get the Focus an oil change this morning, I didn't get home till around 11:00. Jesse was at Barrows with Charlie and got some ammo. I got the car uncovered and put the doors and trunk out of the way. As soon as that was done, Jesse and Charlie got back and we moved the hood and fenders as well.

 I started sanding rust spots that appeared after we brought him home. The plan right now is to get rid of those spots and hit it with an epoxy primer to keep it from rusting more.

Jesse wanted to prime for a bit, and I said that was fine. I utilized that time to eat a chili cheese dog. It was awesome.

Saturday's work ended around 3:00 as I had to get ready to take Charlie to go see the Lego Movie with some of his friends. We did finish one section and will take on some more tomorrow.

One of the highlights of the day was when I had another tech tip to share, which is actually my girl tech tip: bobby pins can be used to sand hard to reach areas. They work better than screwdrivers because you can poke the paper on one of the sides and bring it down to the U-shaped base, fold it over, and wrap it around. It is the ultimate awesome tool.

Also, yesterday my first car "parts" came in. I saw some wheel covers on eBay for $24 for a set of 4. I don't even know if I'm even going to use them or not yet, but thought, for $24, I can't pass that up. I'd rather have them and not use them, than need them and not be able to find them. They came in a big box and were wrapped up in Tonka truck wrapping paper. I was laughing so hard when Charlie saw them and thought it was for him, only to see they were in fact just wheel covers and not toys. Poor Charlie.

So tomorrow we'll continue with more sanding and priming and spend the next few weekends doing this till it's time to move on to the next step. 

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