Saturday, February 15, 2014

Birthday Car Fun

Today is my birthday and I thought it would be a lovely day to work on the Satellite. I was hoping to get in a 10 mile run this morning, but I woke up late and instead opted to go to Body Pump. After that, I had to do some necessary work like grocery shopping, configuring my parents' three computers and setting up their wireless printer, followed by a quick lunch date with Jesse and ending with finally tackling some fiberglass and Bondo work on the Satellite.

I decided to sneak in some car work and beers before karaoke tonight. I hoped to accomplish fiberglassing the holes in the roof and leaving it at that.

I sanded around the holes and applied the epoxy, fiberglass, more epoxy, and a total of three layers of patches. I also bought some red party cups and cheap paint brushes from the dollar store. After all, if today is my birthday and I'm having a party working on my car, I might as well use party cups!

I had the pleasure of opening up my massive can of Bondo. It's like the Big Gulp equivalent of Bondo. While working on the Bondo, our new mail man, Richard came up and said, "So you must be the owner of the Roadrunner!" We talked a little about the car and I told him how it was a Satellite and I wanted to keep it a beefy Satellite, but how Jesse wanted to do a Roadrunner clone. Long story short, him and Jesse got talking about his cars and some boats he used to do while I did Bondo work. That being said, new mail man is awesome.

I managed to get all the Bondo on above the drip rail on the passenger side today and have yet to sand it. Even without sanding, it looks really amazing! I really don't want to toot my own horn or anything when I speak of my Bondo abilities, but for it to look as smooth as it does without having any sanding done yet is kind of a big deal (in my mind. I'm sure some people out there are like, "Whatever.")

Finally, I end today's post with a picture of Jinky being nosy in the Satellite because apparently people like pictures of cute dogs and cool cars, better yet, cute dogs in cool cars. So, there you have it! Best birthday ever! Karaoke in four more hours.

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