Sunday, March 23, 2014

Unforseen Circumstances

The plan for the engine and transmission were that they were set to be here around early afternoon on Saturday. For me, that means somewhere between 11:00am and 1:00pm. A little after 1:00, I had to text the engine's owner, Jimmy, to find out where he was at. Things weren't looking good, though. Things were taking much longer than anticipated and he was thinking they would either be arriving later in the evening. So, my afternoon engine delivery was looking more like an after 10:00pm delivery.

Somewhere around 5:00pm, I got a call from Jimmy asking if it would be OK to bring the engine Sunday instead. That wasn't really a big deal. I was sad my engine wouldn't be here when I was expecting it, but it would still be coming.

Later in the evening, closer to 9:00pm, Jimmy called back saying it was supposed to rain and he wasn't sure it would be a good idea. He asked if he could bring it the next weekend. I honestly didn't mind it coming in the rain, especially since my father in law was set to come out next weekend and I had a race in the morning on Saturday and it would be kind of crazy to get everything to work out. I told him I'd let him make the call on whether or not he wanted to come on Sunday or to just get in touch with me later in the week.

Just before bedtime, I heard back from him saying he would just bring it rain or shine on Sunday.

The truck backed into our driveway a little after 9:00am and was followed by his mom in a little black Prius. They came to bring the parts and all was good. His mom absolutely loved Jinky, because, who doesn't love a pug, right? Jimmy and Jesse worked on getting the engine onto Jimmy's hoist and onto our stand. It didn't really take that long and the two made it look pretty easy, although I'm sure it wasn't.

So, long story short, even though some unforeseen circumstances delayed the arrival, my engine and transmission are home with their car again. We have some rebuilding to do and some major work ahead of us.

Jesse took one of the cylinder heads off to get an idea of what we had to work with. It had some ugly rust underneath, but was salvageable. At this point, we'll need to take it to a machine shop to have the thing hot tanked, fortunately, one of my friends has a very reliable recommendation for where to take it.

We spent a little bit of the day doing our best to get some of the rust off. Jesse had me get him his gun oil/lubricant to clean it off, but then I had an epiphany and came running out with the PB Blaster! I was ecstatic to be able to use it this time to penetrate the rust and be right! Because, Freiburger! Yes, my middle-aged man-hero didn't let me down this time.

On an unrelated note, yesterday I sliced my palm with a mandolin cutter while attempting to cut up sweet potato fries. You can kind of see the residual cut above. It was pretty bloody yesterday, but thanks to some Neosporin, gauze, and tape, I have use of my hand again. I can easily say if this engine came in yesterday, I would not have been able to do anything on it at all.

Back to the engine, after removing some of the surface rust, we packed the beast up for the day and at this point, I'll be waiting to get a quote on the hot tanking and take it from there.

Oh yes, I also did something today I should have done a long time ago: I created a Summit Racing Wish List.

On a funny unrelated note, I told Jesse, "There are many times guys thought I was checking them out, but really I was looking at their cars. Like, 'No, you have a mullet, not gonna happen. Ever!'" I followed that up with a deep thought, "Have you ever noticed it's always the ugly guys who have nice cars?"

Jesse responded by saying, "That's because they don't have girlfriends and they can blow all their money on their cars." I'm assuming he meant they don't care about what they look like since they don't have to impress any girls or anything, either.

This brought about another issue: I told him my boyfriends must have sucked, himself included, because I never had a man blow money on me per his theory. Granted, we were broke when we dated. I told him I can't really see it as being practical to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy dinner or present. He agrees. I told him, "If you want, you can go out and buy me a Holley carburetor to show me your love. At least I can get a use out of that. Let's be honest here, I have a track record of losing and breaking wedding bands and it's just a bad idea to get me jewelery. Cars, guns, camera equipment, cooking supplies, or things of that sort are really better options anyway."

So, guys, please don't take my advice for your girlfriends when shopping for them. I mean, maybe you have a cool girlfriend or wife, but shop at your own discretion.

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