Thursday, April 3, 2014

Support Art, Support Small Business, Support A Good Cause

Every Memorial Day Weekend, there's this neat little event that happens in Georgia called the Run Across Georgia. It's a five day 260 mile race for individual runners, or a 40 hour 260 mile relay for teams of 3 up to no more than 12 people. 100% of proceeds goes directly to House of Heroes.

Well, I was all signed up to do it a few months back and a few months into training, Jesse said, "Nope, you're not doing it. I changed my mind." OK, fine. I reluctantly contacted the race director and told her I was given the big thumbs down by the husband. She was completely sympathetic to my husbands needs and agreed that family comes first and was more than happy to refund me. However, I don't want to be that person. I know $175 is a lot of money and I could have very well used it, but in my mind, you don't take back from charity, especially when 100% of your money goes directly to that charity. Instead, I asked if I could still at least give my registration costs to another team as a donation, or towards their registration fees or something. She said that was doable, so I had it assigned to my neighbor's team, since I know she does the race every year with a group of amazing ladies as an all-female competitive team.

The race is less than two months away. Teams are formed. Funds are being raised. Hearing about everyone's training is wonderful and saddening at the same time. I'm glad everything is going well, but I'm bummed I can't be out there, not even on a relay team! The only mild silver lining for me in this situation was back in October when I injured my knee and that was like a red flag saying, "Nope, you can't weasel into this one. You're injured. Tough!"


Maybe next year.

In the meantime, the ghost of my original donation page exists. I am but a ghost of a runner who was going to run that was told no and at some point physically couldn't. But that didn't stop my heart. I've been doing a thing on Facebook called #likesforlent, where every day I post something, whether it just be a update of progress, or something more meaningful. For each person who likes that status, I have opted to give up my money (for lent) and give $0.10 to House of Heroes. As of now, I am up to $36.70 in facebook likes. Of course at the end of Lent, I'll go back and recount ALL the status likes and recalculate that.

I have also thrown in some surprise twists as it gets closer to Lent.

Anyone guessing the closest to the final cost will have $10.00 donated to their personal fund raising or to a runner or team of their choice if they are not running.

The person who likes the most statuses, comments the most, and gives the most insightful story as to why they're participating or nominates someone or a team will get the final pot. That can be their own personal fund raising page, or if they're not running to a specific runner or team.

Another twist: I recently had some photos put up at Iron Bank Coffee Co. at 6 11th St on the corner of Broadway and 11th. There are four photos from the Warner Robins Museum of Aviation that I took last time I was out there. These are abstract photos of military planes, engine components, and various parts. They honor the heroes who have flown said aircraft serving our country. They symbolize strength that has survived the years, held up in times of turmoil, and now stand to tell their stories to younger generations. Memories to never be forgotten, lessons to be learned. 

For $50.00, one of those photos can be yours. And for each photo sold, $25.00 will be given to House of Heroes. I would give more, but, in the end, the coffee shop does get a cut of the sales costs, and there is the account of costs of frames and cost to print. So really, after the latter two are out of the way, 50% of the sale is the same as 100% of net proceeds. If you have always wanted an excuse to own a piece of my artwork, now is the best time. Not only do you get a framed, matted, original photo, but you are also supporting local artists, small businesses, and a good cause. 

If you would like to learn more about House of Heroes or donate to any runners participating in the Run Across Georgia this year, visit

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