Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Adventures in Digital Piano Electronics Part 1: Diagnostics

Last week my Williams Symphony digital piano was acting kind of funny. A few days ago, I turned it on and there was no sound. To rule out the speaker didn't get blown out, I plugged in the headphones into the jack and was getting no sound there, either. I figured it must be something fried on the motherboard.

Really, I do have two options here: pay someone a lot of money to diagnose and fix it for me, or just do it myself. I know a lot of people who would go the expensive route, but for me, I would rather do it myself. Not because I'm cheap or anything, although I am sure Biggie's lady friends would be singing to me: Guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid. But really, I'm one of those people that is a little on the overly ambitious side and believes I can do anything if I give it my all. So, being the Fix-It-Felix type of person that I am, I took the top off and started to look around. I found the wires that led from the speakers to the motherboard and started eyeballing around looking for a fried resistor or something.

Seeing as the inside of my piano looks a little like this, I had Jesse come along for a second set (OK, third) eye. He spotted it right away. It was one of those so obvious it got bypassed things.

Anyway, I just need to go down to Radioshack and pick up the part and then I get to have Adventures in Digital Piano Electronics Part 2: Repair which will consist of removing the part and soldering it in place.

The fried resistor is the tiny little black/silver part smack in the middle next to the larger black thing that looks like a battery and the white barrel looking things. 

Look! There's a bunch of zip ties in my piano! It's mint!

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