Sunday, August 24, 2014

Watching Paint Dry

Yesterday we painted the living room. It only took us a little over a year to commit to a color. It used to be an ugly shade of a neutral baby poop yellow-green. I know, that doesn't sound neutral at all, but somehow, someone in the world has managed to make an ugly color even uglier. I wanted to do a color that would make the room pop, something that was bold and would accentuate everything in the room. Originally, I thought a teal, then a cinnamon. The color I committed to was Behr's Hallowed Hush. It's a hard to describe color. Not purple enough to be a periwinkle, but not green enough to be a teal, but the perfect contrast to our stone facade fireplace and our slug-toned couches.

When we finished the room, we sat around watching the paint dry, noticing all of its imperfections in the color transitions between dry and wet. I thought about how much I'd want my parents and sister to see the new color. We were pretty excited. It's a pretty big thing to paint, especially when we spent so long waiting to do it. My mom saw it yesterday. My sister has probably seen it on facebook. My dad will never get to see it. Yesterday has been 20 days since he died. Somehow, it still is hard to believe he's gone.

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